Engº Felipe Tannus Dórea


Graduação: Engenharia Mecânica, pela Universidade Federal de Uberlândia, em 2008.

Pós-Graduação: Mestrado em Engenharia Aeronáutica e Mecânica, pelo Instituto Tecnológico Aeroespacial, ITA, 2010.

Empregador atual: Technip.



Turbulent Impinging Jet Into a Porous Bed with thermal non-equilibrium


This work focuses on the study of heat transfer in impinging jets actuating in both the presence and absence of a porous layer considering the thermal non-equilibrium, using two macroscopic equations of energy: One for the fluid and another for the solid without considering the local thermal equilibrium, in laminar and turbulent regime by using numerical simulations. The macroscopic time-average equations for mass, momentun and energy are obtained based on the Double Decomposition (spatial deviations and temporal fluctuations). Porous media was defined as rigid, homogeneous and isotropic. The macroscopic transport equations are written for an elementary representative volume yielding a set of equation valid for the entire computational domain. These equations are discretized using the control volume method and the resulting system of algebric equations are solved by the SIP algorithm utilizing the SIMPLE method for the pressure-velocity coupling.


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